Project Description

Windle Trust Scholarships, South Sudan – 2012

In South Sudan, there is a huge shortage of skills. Though its people are keen to build their new country, their lack of education and training after years of conflict is holding them back.

Windle Trust International was set up to support people in countries affected by conflict. It provides access to education and training, and has been working in South Sudan for over 20 years.

Anyieth has a degree in law, and took a postgraduate qualification in Human Rights with the Windle Trust’s support. Today she is overseeing the protection of the many thousands of people returning to South Sudan following the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005. She dreams of the day when hope and peace will return to the whole of Sudan and the people will be able to live normal lives. Anyieth is helping this dream to become a reality.

However, there are still too few South Sudanese people educated to this level, so with The Pharo Foundation funding, the Windle Trust has established eight postgraduate scholarships each year, over a period of three years, for South Sudanese students to come to UK universities.

Coming to the UK gives the students the opportunity to study with others from all over the world, and to receive a post-graduate education of the highest quality.

In addition, they may follow a course of leadership coaching with Oxford Leaders. This trains leaders in the NGO-social entrepreneurship arena, helping students to learn about their own leadership style as well as covering strategy, influencing others, improving performance, and team building:

“It was so relevant, spot-on, necessary, coherent. It is a complete game-changer for my thinking and attitude.”

 “It was like a mirror put in front of me … and worth every minute of my time. I would do it over and over again if the opportunity every arose.”

See photos of our annual Windle Trust scholarship recipient student conference here!