• Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Schools Renovation Programme – Ethiopia

    The education component of this integrated programme aims at improving access and quality of primary education. Most public schools in the programme area are poorly constructed, unsanitary, and overcrowded. Since 2018, focusing on three primary schools in the first phase, the Foundation constructed and renovated seventeen sub-standard blocks containing 33 classrooms, 2 libraries, 2 pedagogical centres and 11 administrative offices. Two new standard student toilet blocks with eight toilets were also constructed.

    The second phase of the education component enabled the establishment of brand new primary schools and a model early childhood education centre in Belemegoha Kebele. Moreover, additional standard blocks containing four classrooms each have been built in Menge and Keshaf primary schools.   Two-substandard blocks have also been renovated, and four standard student toilets constructed.

    Moreover, school furniture, reference books, mini-media equipment and other learning materials supplied. The programme has also supported professional development opportunities for more than seventy-three teachers and local education leaders.  More than 579 children from disadvantaged families have also been supported with different learning materials.

    The refurbishment and construction of classrooms, toilets and water harvesting structures as well as capacity building activities significantly improved the physical and emotional satisfaction of teachers and students, thereby increased enrolment and the quality of education for more than 5000 students.

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