• Berkad Construction – Somaliland

    The Ilma Dado berkad (ground tanker), is the first berkad built by The Pharo Foundation and is being used to pilot the berkad’s operational suitability, benefit, and functionality.

    The berkad  has a volume of 430 m3 of water for human consumption. In addition, another 50 m3 water is retained in its sedimentation chamber, to be used for animal consumption or small scale irrigation. It serves 20 households for a 6-month period or 30 households for 4-months at 20 litres/day/person rate of consumption. To further reduce the turbidity of the water, the berkad provides two sedimentation components and a roof a roof cover with windows that helps activity of de-silting and adequate aeration.

    Abdulahe Ahemed, the Village Chairman (85) said “I am really very impressed with the improved type of berkad and quality of the work carried out. It is very large and I can see it will serve the entire community of the sub-village. Nursing mothers, pregnant women and old people used to be forced to travel to 12 kms away for water, taking half a day.” He added that he now feels much better about the water security of his community, especially during the prolonged dry seasons. He thanked the Pharo Foundation on behalf of his community.

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