• Pharo Kindergarten

    In 2019, and in-line with its growth strategy, The Pharo Foundation took over the kindergarten in Hargeisa to ensure that families have access to quality ECE in Hargeisa. The kindergarten was opened in 2008 to address the educational needs of children aged 3 – 5 years and it was originally established to serve vulnerable children from the surrounding community.

    The Pharo Kindergarten is located in Gannad area – Koodbuur District and consists of 3 classrooms for three different learning levels, KG1, KG2 and KG3. The kindergarten has other facilities including indoor and outdoor activity grounds, in-class libraries, and offices. The centre hosts more than 138 students.

    The Pharo Kindergarten puts equal emphasis on all child development aspects including cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development. To ensure that holistic development is reached, the kindergarten offers the following learning activities; Language, Mathematics, Religious, Physical, Creative, Science and Social.