• Pharo School, Assosa

    Pharo School Assosa is a high quality educational institute committed to offering life-changing opportunities to students through the provision of high quality education. The school aims to achieve the highest standards of pedagogic, intellectual and personal development to its students.  While teaching the Ethiopian curriculum, the school will supplement students especially in areas of English and Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics (STEM).  It is The Pharo Foundation’s first fee-paying school in Ethiopia.

    Attracting and retaining strong teachers, organising well-equipped facilities and the provision of student centred learning are on the whole, what makes it a Pharo School.  Accordingly, the Pharo School Assosa has finalised its preparation by hiring a seasoned school principal and highly qualified teachers, putting in place the necessary indoor/outdoor teaching, and learning materials.  The preparation includes ensuring all possible COVID 19 prevention measures are in place and observed.

    The school ushered in the first cohort of 162 students enrolled in grades 1-4 from November 2020.


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