• Pharo Technical and Vocational Education and Training Centre, Hargeisa

    The Pharo Technical and Vocational Education and Training Centre (TVET) was established in September, 2021, in Somaliland, Hargeisa.

    The programme aims to help inspire young people to identify and explore their potential in order for them to contribute to the country’s economic development. This programme is bridging the gap between the Somaliland labour market and the technical skills required for the continued development of the country.

    The programme is dedicated to providing knowledge and skills related to occupations in various sectors of the economy. The centre is currently serving over 70 students whose courses are in painting and decorating, plumbing, as well as electrical and solar installation. The programmes consist of theoretical and practical training, apprenticeship placements to gather on-the-job experience and certification exams.
    The centre aims to equip young people with marketable skills to build careers in a wide range of areas.

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