• Water Programme – Somaliland

    The overall objective of the programme is to increase access to a reliable water supply by improving the collection and utilisation of surface water. This involves building and rehabilitating community dams and incorporating reliable water channels for people and livestock.  To this effect, this programme further serves to educate communities on how improved rainwater harvesting and surface water utilisation can be a stepping-stone in alleviating the effects of prolonged and frequent droughts that dry up the traditional water sources killing livestock, plants, resulting in famine and WASH related diseases.

    The Foundation has so far built and rehabilitated Botor and Illinta dams and renovated a Berkad (an underground water reservoir) in the Ilma Dado region, providing a vital lifeline to communities. This is the Foundation’s first step towards improving the communities’ resilience, by constructing and rehabilitating surface water collection projects.

    This programme has also significantly improved community sanitation through Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Training (PHAST), which encourages collective community action to improve personal and environmental hygiene. This is a major step towards reducing the spread of water borne diseases and improving maternal mortality rates.

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