• Our Strategy

    In 2016, the Foundation made a strategic shift to directly design and implement its own programmes to ensure greater engagement with communities, better results and increased accountability. Since 2019, the Foundation has also been focusing on establishing social enterprises with the objective of job creation.

    Our strategy is guided by our vision of achieving an economically vibrant Africa by investing in Africa’s human and physical capital. The availability of capital, both human and physical, is indispensable to the economic development of any society. Unfortunately, many African countries suffer from a deficit in human and physical capital. Our focus is on empowering communities and countries through investment in people and infrastructures.

    Our integrated programmes are anchored in Agriculture, Education, Health, Water and Social Enterprise development. We seek to optimise results through development programmes aimed at economic self-reliance at the family and community level, in line with our vision of an inclusive and economically vibrant Africa.

    Our strategy seeks to ensure long-term commitment, accountability, sustainability, and quantifiable results.