• Somaliland

    Pharo Foundation’s office in Somaliland is in Hargeisa.

    The Foundation’s programme in Somaliland focuses on agriculture, water, education, and health. The water and agriculture programmes are being implemented in the North West Agricultural Zone of Maroodijex region, while the education component is mainly implemented in Hargeisa. Pharo Foundation is working to help improve people’s livelihoods with an emphasis on economic self-reliance and job creation.

    • Education – the Foundation currently runs 15 Early Childhood Education (ECE) centres in Hargeisa all within public schools, and an additional 3 in Berbera. Also, a Pharo-owned Kindergarten School, the Pharo Primary School Hargeisa, and the Pharo Secondary School Sheikh. Additionally, the Foundation runs a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) centre in Hargeisa dedicated to providing knowledge and skills related to various sectors of the economy. Pharo Foundation also supports a women’s literacy programme focusing on mathematics and Somali.
    • Water – the Foundation has rehabilitated two earth dams which are vital for more than 3000 people and their livestock water needs, especially in light of recent erratic rain patterns. The Foundation has also embarked on a large-scale water infrastructure project involving the building, and rehabilitation of reservoirs, berkeds, and a large dam which will ensure water access to more than 30,000 people and thousands of animals.
    • Agriculture – the Foundation has built soil bunds for over 1,000 farmers helping to improve productivity and reduce soil erosion. We also introduced drip irrigation systems in two villages, one of the first in the country, along with training such as climate-smart agriculture for farmers. Additionally, Pharo Foundation recently launched two agricultural projects in July and August 2022 in two areas, Jaleelo and Awbarkhadle. The projects aim to boost agricultural and livestock productivity by 37% and 57%, respectively, in order to generate a 39% increase in household income. Further, the Foundation identified a demonstration farm with water access for each of the communities to serve as a teaching centre for the farmers.
    • Health – the Foundation helped train some of the first operating theatre nurses in the country and ensured they were placed in the right jobs.
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