• Pharo Ventures Ethiopia Signs Memorandum With Unions

    PIAM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with 3 Unions and 3 commercial farms to source raw materials. Two of the unions are from Amhara region, Gondar area, where the top quality sesame in Ethiopia is grown. The variety from this region is used as a reference for grading in the international market. Pharo Ventures Ethiopa’s sourcing work focuses on building a solid supply chain of raw materials where we ensure quality begins at the farm and input level. The speciality oil seeds will only be sourced from where we have full transparency on traceability.

    PIAM is doing the groundwork to work with suppliers with 7,000+ member smallholder farmers, where roughly 15% are female farmers. Through this out grower partnership, they aim to facilitate access to inputs (mainly seeds), agronomy support and linkage with financial institutes that can foster affordable credit for our partner smallholder farmers.