• Ethiopia Pharo Ventures

    Pharo Integrated Agriculture and Manufacturing Plc.

    Pharo Ventures Ethiopia, have prioritized to invest across the agriculture value chain in Ethiopia, as it has vast market opportunity and potential to create a large number of jobs

    Our philosophy

    To bring quality, responsibly sourced products to our customers. We aim to follow a holistic approach in our processing and farming.

    We believe our sustainable approach towards resource utilization, our focus on value addition locally and empowering local communities through job creation, makes us a unique investor and partner.

    We aim to minimize waste to the extent possible and convert by products to products.

    Agro-processing – speciality oils

    We are in the processing of acquiring land around Debre Birhan area, to set up our first venture in speciality edible oil processing.

    Pharo ventures will build and operate a state-of-the-art edible oil plant, where we will process four different conventional oil seeds (Sesame, Black cumin, Flax and Niger seeds) into edible oils and animal feed cakes

    Oil seeds commercial farm

    Traceability, fair and sustainable supply chain is at the centre of our offering. To ensure quality and have impact across the value chain, we have made the decision to invest in our own commercial farm to produce raw materials for our processing facility.  Beyond the processing facility, we will sell a variety of crops to export and for local markets.

    Beyond our own farm, we are working on building a network of out-growers around our farm land. Our out-grower program, will support farmers in getting access to improved variety seed in a timely manner, provide technical support to the farmers across the different stages of cultivation. We will provide a guaranteed market for their produce at a fair price.


    In the coming years, we plan to invest in various sectors beyond agriculture. Targeted sectors include;

    • Manufacturing,
    • Health
    • Hospitality