Ongoing / completed programmes

Since our establishment in 2011, we have provided US$6 million in grants to over 30 projects. These projects have been implemented by a variety of civil society organisations primarily in Ethiopia, Somaliland/Somalia and South Sudan. Please click here for a list of projects that we have funded to date.

These projects have contributed to:

  • Increased income
  • Improved agricultural productivity and access to markets.
  • Increased access to and quality of education.
  • Increased access to and quality of health services.
  • Increased access to water for agriculture (crop and livestock) and domestic use.
  • Increased access to financial services.
  • Enhanced capacity and effectiveness of community-based institutions.

As these projects phase out, The Pharo Foundation will fully focus on the design and implementation of large-scale integrated livelihoods programmes that will directly contribute to the achievement of our strategic objectives and mission.

We do not accept unsolicited project proposals for funding.

The following are a few examples of projects that the Foundation has funded.

Adadle Community Development Project, Ethiopia

The objective of the project is to contribute to the food security and well-being of 1,000 pastoralist and agro-pastoralist households of Adadle Woreda in the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia. The project focuses on improving crop production and livestock management practices, improving access to water, empowering women and strengthening local institutions. The Development Fund of Norway in partnership with the Organisation for Welfare and Development in Action implement the project.

Improved Food Security and Income Levels of Wadajir Cooperatives and Associates, Somaliland

The objective of the project was to improve Wadajir farmers’ cooperative and associates’ income levels and food security. The main target beneficiaries were 20 women farmers who are members of the farmers’ cooperative and their communities whose main challenge was shortage of water. As a result of improved access to water and irrigation, they were able to increase the area of farms cultivated. Modern Agricultural Development Organisation implemented the project.

Education and Leadership Development for South Sudan and Others

The objective of this project is to enhance the professional skills and capacity of young people affected by conflict in South Sudan and other neighbouring countries to be effective leaders and contribute to development in the communities in which they work in Africa. Fifty-two young people have received scholarships to undergo postgraduate studies in universities in the UK. Windle Trust International implements the project.