Pharo School, Homosha

Home to over 1 million people, Benishangul-Gumuz regional state of Ethiopia (BGRS) is considered a poor and neglected region of Ethiopia where the standard of living and education are every low. It is in this place that the Pharo Foundation is building its first school, The Pharo School, Homosha – a girls boarding school.

Spanning 3.4 hectares, the school will comprise of an auditorium, cafeteria, library, classrooms, dormitories, teacher housing and sports field.  It will have a maximum capacity of 200 pupils (which will be reached by 2021/2022). Andrea Spinner, with over 23 years of educational experience, has recently relocated from Canada to Ethiopia to lead the school as Headmistress.

Admission to the school will be based on prior exam results in conjunction with a Pharo entrance exam. The school will follow the main Ethiopian curriculum but supplemented in Maths, Science, English, Critical thinking/Problem solving, Art and Computing. The girls aged 15-18, upon completion, will leave with a High School Diploma.

The school will be free for the students. All running costs will be initially funded by the Pharo Foundation.  Revenues from a commercial farm nearby managed by the Foundation will significantly subsidise the running costs over the coming years.

Construction, fully funded by the Pharo Foundation, has seen some setbacks: the Ethiopian Government devaluing the currency, ensuing supply shortages, government declaring a state of emergency, appointment of a new prime minister and violent protests and clashes taking place in the region. Despite all this, the building works continue but there will be a delay in opening the school in Homosha. In the meantime, the school has opened in a temporary compound in Assosa.

The aim of the school is to foster the intellectual and personal development of promising girls so that they are inspired to achieve academic excellence. To be capable of serving society in whatever occupation they follow, and to become economically self-reliant.