• Somaliland water projects May 2023

    We are delighted to share the latest work of Pharo Foundation’s water team in Somaliland. The team has been working hard on water projects in the Gabiley and the Maroodi-Jeex regions and we are now seeing the fruits of their labour.

    The team has now completed the Taysa berked and has both the new Ijaara and Wado-Makahiil dams very close to completion and already beginning to fill with water. We look forward to the completion of these dams and all this could mean for the future of the region.

    We also hope that these projects help set out the beginnings of a sustainable solution for the water problem in Africa. This will depend on both the foundation’s ability to scale up our efforts but also on other systemic interventions from like-minded organisations, partners, benefactors and governments.