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Strategic Objective 1: To increase agricultural productivity
by at least 50% for 30,000 households.
Strategic Objective 2: To improve access to water
to national standards for 30,000 households.
Strategic Objective 3: To improve access to priority basic services
as identified by each programme partner community.
Strategic Objective 4: To continuously enhance our,
and our partner’s impact and programme effectiveness.
We will focus on people with the potential to become
economically self-reliant: some are excluded from
economic activity; others are economically active but
with low productivity. Many are women.
Our main activities are a combination of direct involvement
in programme development and service delivery on
the one hand and creating and strengthening small and
medium sized enterprises and community organisations
on the other.

Working for Africa’s future

The Pharo Foundation is a private foundation committed to Africa.

Our vision is an economically self-reliant Africa.

Our mission is to facilitate economic independence of African people through the promotion of sustainable livelihoods and job creation in Africa.

Our values are sharing, passion, respect, humility and collaboration.

Our ambition is to bring about positive changes in the lives of 30,000 households by 2020 and at least 100,000 households by 2025 in Africa through integrated development programmes anchored on agriculture and water.