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Assosa Primary and Secondary School

Challenge: Access to quality education is a persistent problem in Ethiopia, which worsens in disadvantaged regions like Benishangul-Gumuz. Schools face challenges such as poor teacher competency, run-down school infrastructure, frequently changing curriculum, and shortage of teaching and learning materials, paired with limited access to quality education. A limited number of private schools in the region offer a higher quality of education that we hope to see across Ethiopia. However, these schools are expensive, and many parents are unable to pay the steep tuition fee.    

Our Response: To bridge the gap, Pharo opened its own school in Assosa City in October 2020. In a short period, the school has made significant progress in hiring highly qualified teachers, mainly from Addis Ababa, and introducing essential subjects to the curriculum, such as the sciences and information and communication technologies. Our students’ results bear testimony to the fact that our ambition to provide affordable, high-quality and STEM-heavy education for the children of Assosa is paying off. They have won regional-level competitions and achieved the highest regional scores in grade 8 national exams.