Current opportunities

Education - Kigali, Rwanda

Homeroom Teacher

The Home Room Teacher is responsible for ensuring that all students are taught the content and essential skills outlined in the school's schemes of work, in accordance with the school's Mission and Objectives. He or she will operate within the parameters of the policies, procedures, and standards of the school and bears direct responsibility for his or her class.  The homeroom teacher is in charge of keeping track of any medical issues that impact the students they teach as well as understanding what should be done in an emergency.

Operations - Kigali, Rwanda

Procurement Manager

The Procurement Manager (PM) will manage and coordinate the Pharo Foundation's procurement unit in Rwanda, to provide outstanding support to the organisation's programs in the country. Using best procurement management practices, he/she will provide leadership to improve the performance of all procurement functions to achieve better service delivery and cost effectiveness. 

The Procurement Manager reports to the Country Director and supervises the Kigali Operations Team. As a member of the Senior Management Team, the PM will work closely with other departments and management staff to provide outstanding technical support to the field operations. 

Education - Kigali, Rwanda

ECD Teacher

The ECD Teacher is responsible for providing an early childhood education program for a group of 1 to 6 year old children.  As part of the child's development, he or she will address all areas of development as well as meet the individual needs of each child.  The ECD Teacher observes and assesses children's development, designs the learning environment, and implements and supervises developmentally appropriate learning activities.

Research & Evaluation - Nairobi, Kenya

Associate, Global Research and Evaluation (“RE”) - Nairobi, Kenya

As the Foundation expands its work across Africa, there is an exciting, growing opportunity to employ the latest research and evaluation tools to design programs, measure impact and guide future strategies. Working alongside the Foundation’s Chief Research and Evaluation Officer (CREO), the Associate RE will play a critical role in building and operating an efficient, rigorous, and impactful RE department that will influence the selection and design of development programs in multiple countries.

Education - Somaliland

Teaching Staff – Pharo Primary and Secondary School, Somaliland

We are seeking skilled and dedicated teaching professionals for both Primary and Secondary schools who possess a deep passion for education. Subject teachers play a pivotal role within our institution, and we anticipate that successful candidates will fulfil their responsibilities with a commitment to excellence. We aim to uphold the highest standards of education and provide quality learning experiences for students within the local community.

Human Resources · Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Head of Human Resources

You will be at the forefront of defining and implementing human resources management strategy across a diverse portfolio of programmes in Ethiopia. Critical to success in this role will be your ability to help infuse the vision, mission and values of the Foundation and create the culture that derives from these principles. With our growing staff population in Ethiopia, your role in ensuring a positive employee experience is key to the overall success of the Foundation. This strategic HR position requires you to work with the teams to create human resources management strategy that align with these objectives in Ethiopia. Capable of being a mentor and guide to your HR reports, and beyond to the rest of the organisation in Ethiopia (teams are in Addis and Assosa) you will help them to implement best practice HR policies and procedures. The challenge will be to ensure excellence in the HR function whilst accounting for diverse operating environments.