Ethiopia was our first country of operation and we decided to focus our activities on the region of Benishangul-Gumuz (BGRS), where access to education, health, water and high-productivity agriculture is limited. We created a unique girls’ secondary boarding school in Homosha, BGRS. We have since opened a primary and secondary school in Assosa, BGRS. All these schools are driven by the ambition to turn disadvantaged rural children into global citizens that seek the answers to 21st century challenges. Assosa also hosts our Pharo Diagnostic and Clinical Services (PDCS) centre, which improves access, speed and accuracy of medical test results and recently also started adding to limited clinical services in the region. In Ethiopia, our water interventions have been focused on urban environments, as we have added to water supply infrastructure in Assosa town and hospital. Finally, we address low agricultural productivity by introducing various initiatives such as crop diversification and establishing farmer training centres.

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