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The Social and Economic Empowerment Programme (SEEP) Public Schools Support Programme

Challenge: Access to quality education in Menge, Homosha, Undulu and Assosa City is affected by many limiting factors. The poor infrastructure of the schools, a lack of adequately trained teachers, a shortage of learning and teaching materials and parents' awareness about child education are the main factors driving the lack of access to quality education in the area. Over the past decade, reports from the regional education bureau revealed that academic performance in the area was incredibly low, and no changes had been implemented to encourage improvement.     

Our Response: Addressing this issue requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders, including non-profit organisations, the government, and community members. Over the last five years, we have targeted 11 public schools and introduced significant interventions to improve their learning environments. Our multifaceted strategy encompassed the physical enhancement of school infrastructure, including building renovations and expansions, along with the provision of essential water and sanitation facilities and learning materials for students. Additionally, we undertook initiatives to raise parental awareness about the importance of education. 

By refurbishing existing classrooms and constructing new ones, both in preschools and primary schools, we have successfully cultivated child-friendly learning environments. To address the resource scarcity and support students in need, we have diligently supplied instructional and scholastic materials. The competence of educators, school leaders, local education officials, Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs), and community members has been augmented through tailored training, workshops, review meetings, knowledge exchange sessions, and platforms for parental engagement. Furthermore, our efforts have yielded increased employment prospects through skill training that caters to the demands of the youth job market, alongside facilitating the development of small businesses. Our collaborative endeavours have fostered substantial improvements in the educational landscape, benefiting both students and the broader community.