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Education Acceleration Programme for BGRS Public Schools

The Challenge: The Benishangul-Gumuz (BGRS) region faces a persistent problem of low learning outcomes across all levels. Public primary school students, particularly females, struggle with basic literacy and numeracy skills, falling below expected standards. This has resulted in poor test scores in English, Mathematics, and General Science.   

Our Response: Education economics research has yielded a crucial insight, particularly in developing countries. Findings suggest classrooms exhibit a diverse range of learning levels. Consequently, innovations in pedagogy that can discern individual learning levels and address gaps by tailoring appropriate teaching materials have proven to significantly enhance test scores, particularly when integrated with computer-assisted learning techniques. In line with this understanding, the Pharo Foundation aims to elevate the test scores of students in grades 1 to 8 attending public schools like Homosha Primary and Benishangul Primary. This objective will be achieved through a well-structured pedagogical approach coupled with the concept of teaching at the appropriate level. The primary activities encompass: 

  • Providing comprehensive training, mentoring, and coaching for teachers. 
  • Developing and curating effective teaching and learning resources. 
  • Incorporating computer-assisted learning methodologies. 
  • Facilitating after school supplementary classes. 

By implementing these activities, we intend to make a tangible positive impact on the educational journey of these students and create a conducive learning environment that supports their growth and success.