Non-Communicable Disease Treatment and Support Programme

The Challenge: Non-communicable diseases ("NCDs") and, in particular, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases are significant causes of premature death. Detecting DM and HTN at an early stage is challenging due to limited awareness and inadequate community screening initiatives. Furthermore, health facilities face obstacles in delivering quality treatment and care due to their lack of essential medical equipment, supplies, and properly trained healthcare workers. Follow-up services often focus on medication refills, while comprehensive examinations and investigations to detect earlier-stage complications are not consistently practised. Health facilities also lack the necessary resources for education and counselling services to enhance self-care practices.  

Our Response:  Pharo Foundation is implementing a project in Assosa town, Ethiopia, to improve the quality and accessibility of Diabetes and Hypertension prevention, treatment, and care services. Healthcare workers will be trained to provide quality screening, treatment, and care services. Public awareness-raising activities will be conducted on risk factors associated with diabetes and hypertension and on the importance of undergoing regular health check-ups to encourage the communities to utilise the healthcare services. Additionally, electronic medical recording will be established at Assosa General Hospital (AGH), Assosa Health Centre (AHC) and Pharo Diagnostic and Clinical Service (PDCS) to improve follow-up treatment and care services. Pharo will provide AGH and AHC with essential medical equipment and the necessary supplies for the delivery of screening, care, and treatment services. Moreover, a patient support group will be established at AGH, allowing patients to share their experiences and learn from each other in a group setting.