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Early Childhood and Primary Education Programme Kigali

The challenge: Even though Rwanda's government has a strong focus on structuring and improving  access to and quality of early years of education, it is still off the mark. As a result, Rwandan children are missing opportunities to develop essential brain and motor skills, which are necessary for them to succeed in their overall education journey from 2 to 12 years old. 

Our response: Research has proven that the initial stages, encompassing early childhood and primary years, play a pivotal role in a child's holistic growth – encompassing their physical agility, cognitive abilities, and socioemotional well-being. These fundamental elements lay the groundwork for their future. Therefore, Pharo Foundation’s mission revolves around crafting a comprehensive roadmap for ECE and primary education. We are bridging the gaps that exist, be it in teachers' capabilities or providing avenues for families with limited resources to participate actively. Our strategy is both geared towards addressing the needs of children aged 2 to 12 and achieving sustainability from a financial standpoint. Central to this approach is the enhancement of teacher skills, coupled with better accessibility, ensuring optimal learning outcomes for every child. To achieve its goals, Pharo Foundation is starting its first pilot school in Kigali Rwanda, covering Pre-nursery, nursery, and primary age 2 to 8. We are committed to continuous training and capacity building for our nursery and primary school teachers. We have created affordable and refined schooling in the heart of Kigali and our efforts extend beyond our classroom. Indeed, we have pioneered a blueprint for early education that can be replicated to maximise its impact.