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Pharo Schools in Somaliland

The challenge:  For the last three decades, Somaliland’s education system came through a difficult transition from the destruction of civil war into recovery. While progress was achieved over the last years, there is still a high need and demand for high-quality educational institutions.  

Our response: In Somaliland, Pharo Foundation has created Pharo Schools as centres of excellence which offer top-quality education, and integration of extra-curricular activities to ensure a fully rounded educational approach. Pharo Schools follow Somaliland’s national curriculum and international curriculum, to ensure their students are competitive. The academic structure is complemented by reading materials and creative technology-based learning solutions. Our schools offer a child-friendly learning environment fostering equality and respect. We strive to ensure all our students realise their full potential. Further, we offer academic and career guidance for our secondary school graduates to continue to university in-country and overseas. Our Schools’ values include: 

  • Curiosity 
  • Respect  
  • Excellence  
  • Creativity  
  • Responsibility  

To learn more about our specific schools in Somaliland, please visit our Pharo Schools page: