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Wadomakahil dam

The challenge: Somaliland is a water-scarce country with no perennial rivers flowing in it. This makes groundwater and surface water the main sources for most people in Somaliland. Recurring droughts coupled with climate change have created severe water shortage that has not only affected humans but also contributed to poor livestock production which is the economic mainstay of the country. Developing rainwater harvesting infrastructure, managing underground water storage, and making water accessible to the largest number are the main challenges facing the nation. 

Our response: Wadomakahil dam (132mX92mX6m) is a fully integrated dam with storage capacity of 57,863 cubic metres, with a geomembrane installation, an elevated reinforced concrete tank, animal water troughs, kiosks for drinking water, a concrete inlet and concrete spillway, a security room, a pump room, solar panels, a fence and sanitation facilities. The project provides access to clean water for 2543 households. Pharo Foundation's objective is to be a catalyst and to mitigate the effects of drought and the drastic water shortage in rural and urban areas in the country, through the careful and selective exploitation of surface water. We envision a future in which everyone has access to safe and affordable water resources that are professionally managed and sustainable.