• Pharo Schools

    As passionate as we are about access to education, our real impact comes from offering top quality education . The Foundation pursues this objective through the establishment of private Pharo-brand schools, ranging from ECE to secondary.   These schools will aim to offer top quality education with a strong emphasis on English, Mathematics and analytical thinking.

    We have already established our flagship schools: In Ethiopia, Pharo School in Homosha and, as of September 2019, in Somaliland, Pharo KG and Primary in Hargeisa and Pharo Secondary School in Sheikh.  We are excited to have opened our first primary school in Ethiopia in November 2020.The coming years will see us rolling out similar schools based on our lessons learned and best practices at these flagship schools.

    Our growth plans include establishing additional Pharo KG, primary and secondary schools as well as vocational training centres in all countries where we are operational.  The Pharo Schools, in general, will be fee-paying schools that will allow for sufficient scholarships for students who need financial support.

    We aim to push our secondary school graduates further by providing them with networks and scholarships so they can continue to university in-country and overseas. Beyond university, our talent management enterprise will help them find the best jobs suited to their skills.